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Local treatment of symptoms (pruritus, pain) linked to the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Aboca NeoFitoroid Organic Endorectal Ointment 40ml

Aboca NeoFitoroid Bio Endorectal Ointment 40ml is a special adjuvant for the treatment of varicose hemorrhoid syndrome (internal and external hemorrhoids).

Aesculan, rectal ointment, 30 g

Aesculan is a rectal ointment traditionally used to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease. Active substances: dry extract of horse chestnut bark (Hippocastani corticis extractum siccum), lidocaine hydrochloride (Lidocaini hydrochloridum). 1 g of ointment contains: 62.5 mg of dry horse chestnut extract, 5 mg of lidocarine hydrochloride. Excipients: tannin, chamomile essential oil, macrogol 300, white petrolatum, lanolin, liquid paraffin, bronopol, purified water.


It is traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of disorders related to poor venous circulation (heavy or painful legs, tension, calf cramps).

Anusir, ointment for hemorrhoids with hyaluronic acid, 30 g

A medical device indicated for external use to relieve irritation and symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, such as itching, burning and swelling. It contains hyaluronic acid, a substance with moisturizing properties and facilitating the regeneration of mucous membranes. Anusir ointment creates a stabilizing and protective coating on the surface of the anus, promoting tissue regeneration and reducing the risk of spreading infection and inflammation. White petroleum jelly, propylene glycol, water, cetyl alcohol, ectoine, troxerutin, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate.

Anusir, rectal suppositories with hyaluronic acid, 10

Rectal suppositories with hyaluronic acid, 10 pieces. 1 suppository weighing 2 g contains: 10 mg of hyaluronic acid sodium salt and neutral fat as an excipient. Indications Anusir is intended for rectal use in order to moisturize and protect the mucosa in conditions requiring the stimulation of the natural regeneration and healing processes of the rectal mucosa and the anal canal. Such situations occur especially in the following cases:

Apirectal, rectal suppositories, with hyaluronic acid and propolis, 10

Apirectal rectal suppositories are a medical device with the addition of hyaluronic acid and propolis, which supports the restoration of the physiological and natural condition of the rectal mucosa in people with internal and external hemorrhoids. Hyaluronic acid sodium salt, propolis extract ethanol, polyoxyethylene glycols.

BiCirkan 60 tablets Venous circulation

Order the drug without a prescription BiCirkan at a pharmacy. It is a venotonic and a vasosculoprotector which causes vasoconstriction, increases the resistance of the vessels and decreases their permeability. It is indicated in venous circulation disorders and hemorrhoidal crisis.

Bismolan ointment for the relief of haemorrhoidal disease, 20 g

Hemorrhoidal ointment for the relief of hemorrhoidal suffering.

Boiron Avenoc, ointment, 30 g

Boiron Avenoc ointment used as an adjunct in ailments associated with haemorrhoids, such as pain, burning and itching. It soothes the symptoms of hemorrhoids and restores the comfort of daily physiological activities: by stopping rectal bleeding, removing pain, itching and burning around the anus convenience of use in the treatment of hemorrhoids (easy application, does not stain underwear, safe therapy of hemorrhoids symptoms) 100 g of the product contains: Ficaria verna TM 0.01 g, Paeonia officinalis TM 0.01 g, Adrenalinum 3 DH 0.05 g, Amylein hydrochloride 0.50 g. Excipients: lanolin, white petrolatum.

Boiron Avenoc, suppositories, 10

Boiron Avenoc suppositories is a homeopathic medicine, used as an adjunct in ailments associated with haemorrhoids, such as pain, burning and itching. In 3 g weight it contains: Paeonia officinalis 1 DH 0.01 g, Ratanhia 3 CH 0.01 g, Aesculus hippocastanum 3 CH 0.01 g, Hamamelis virginiana 1 DH 0.01 g.

Cicatridine Hyaluronic Acid, 10

Cicatridine Hyaluronic Acid 10 Suppositories is a medical device in the form of suppositories based on hyaluronic acid, a molecule known for its restorative and healing properties.