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Czech chlorella with selenium, 900

Chlorella is a green freshwater algae that is gently dried and processed so that all biologically valuable substances are perfectly utilized .

Fin Avis, 50 ml

The Fin Avis dietary supplement contains oat sprouts, which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system . It is a non-addictive extract obtained from oat sprouts , which does not cause drowsiness or dampen attention.

Kelp iodine 150 90g, 90

Kelp is a sea line that is a natural source of iodine. For the thyroid gland, skin and nervous system.

Kelp, 90

Kelp natural capsules contain a highly effective concentrate of bubble kelp, which is rich in iodine. Natural iodine contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones, which is essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.

Kelpatabs, 160

Kelpatabs are obtained from the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, which is a source of iodine.

Selzink plus, 50

A preparation high in zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E and is a source of beta-carotene. Supports the body's natural defenses against infection.

ThyreoDren thyroid gland, 50 ml

The ThyreoDren dietary supplement containing drops with plant extracts contributes to the normal function of the thyroid gland .

Thyroid, 120

This Thyoïnat Bionops dietary supplement based on iodine and selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal thyroid function .

Vault of a picturesque temple, 100

It is a modification of the original traditional Chinese herbal mixture HAI ZAO YU HU WAN, which is adapted to today's conditions. The herbal mixture has an anticoagulant effect, it is used for increased thyroid function, enlarged thyroid and increased cholesterol.

Wild Yam Premium, 90

This dietary supplement harmonizes the hormonal system, has a beneficial effect during menopause, has a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect, and generally adds vitality.

Wild Yam Star, 60

The contained hairy pill helps to normalize hormone levels in both women and men and slow down the aging process.