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Acutil, 30

Acutil is a dietary supplement containing not only omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, but also Ginkgo biloba extract, phosphatidylserine, folic acid and vitamins E and B12.

Antistress, 60

Antistress is a dietary supplement containing extracts of valerian, sweet wine and pink stonecrop.

Ashwagandha rest and sleep loose tea, 100 g

Loose Himalayan Ayurvedic tea for rest and sleep. It is only a food supplement. Not intended for children and pregnant women.

Ashwagandha, 90

Ashwagandha ADVANCE contains a strong extract from the root of ashwagandha with a high content of withanolides . Premium quality.

Avis Oat sprouts, 50 ml

Avis is an extract obtained from oat sprouts.

BENOSEN 20 tab.

Benosen® is a drug that contains unique scientifically proven substances for the onset and deepening of sleep.

Bihari children’s loose tea, 100 g

An herbal Ayurvedic mixture for a peaceful sleep of your children.

BrainActive, 60

Advance BrainActive is a dietary supplement that contains Ginkgo, DMAE, Bacopa, Caffeine, Guarana, Taurine, Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Schizandra, Cordyceps and other natural substances.

Brewer’s yeast, 250

Vitamins and other substances in yeast support the body in many ways - they affect the skin, nails and hair, digestion, immunity and overall vitality.

CAFFIT Anti-fatigue, 60

Coffee-flavored tablets with caffeine and vitamins to stimulate and supply energy.

Calmin, 60

Good night and sweet dreams . The natural ingredients in the Calmin dietary supplement help to calm down, make it easier to fall asleep and sleep undisturbed.

Coenzyme Q10 30 mg, 60

WALMARK Coenzyme Q10 is a dietary supplement containing coenzyme Q10 obtained naturally (similar to CoQ10 contained in nature) - fermentation of algae, which is in the form of oil for better absorption.