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Zinc Forte 25 mg, 100

Zinc contributes to the normal metabolism of carbohydrates. Zinc helps maintain the normal condition of bones, hair, nails and skin. Strong antioxidant.

Zinc Forte 25 mg, 90

High dose of zinc in one tablet of premium quality for healthy hair, skin, nails and immune system function .

Zinc Forte, 30

Zinc is an important trace element, its presence in the human body is important to ensure the normal function of metabolic pathways.

Zinc forte, 60

Zinc works in a number of functions in the human body: it helps maintain the normal condition of hair, nails, skin and bones, maintains normal testosterone levels in the blood and normal fertility. Because it contributes to normal DNA synthesis, it is involved in the process of cell division.

Zinc plat, 80

Orodispersible tablets. Also suitable for children. It supports the normal functioning of the immune system.

Zinc Selenium, 100

Zinc helps maintain healthy bones, supports the normal function of the immune system . Selenium helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Zinc vitamin C + D3 lemon flavor and mint, 60

Zinc, vitamins C and D contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Zinc, 100

For the treatment of clinically proven zinc deficiency states, if they cannot be remedied nutritionally.

Zink Verla OTC 20 mg, 100

Proven zinc deficiency, therapy with penicillamine and other complexing agents.

Zink, 100

Holistic Zink Zinc organic zinc compounds: zinc malate, zinc citrate, zinc L-aspartate easily digestible.

Zink, 60

Food supplements for the immune system and the acid-base balance.

Zinkamin Falk, 100

Zinkamin-Falk hard capsules contain the vital microelement zinc as an active ingredient, which is combined with the amino acid L-histidine for the first time in this preparation. L-Histidine facilitates the absorption of zinc by the body. Zinkamin-Falk is prescribed to treat conditions caused by zinc deficiency, such as when dieting.