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There is a close relationship between the proper functioning of the digestive system and our health. The "friendly" intestinal flora plays a significant role in it. Unhealthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol, polluted environment, some medications (e.g. antibiotics) can destroy the intestinal flora, which in turn may lead to the multiplication of bacteria that are unfavorable to the body.

AC-Vital B12 direct sticks with protein components, 20

Food Supplement that contributes to the normal function of energy metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

AC-Vital B12, 60

Dietary supplement with vitamin B12, L-glutamine and L-serine. Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal functioning of the energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.

Acai Complex Star, 60

Euterpe are tall, mostly strongly rooting palms with slender trunks, native to South America and the Antilles. Delicious drinks are prepared from the pulp of the fruits, and so-called palm cabbage from the vegetation peaks. One of the best known and most used is Euterpe oleracea - Açaí palm. It grows to a height of 25 m and bears about 20 kg of fruits that look like blueberries.

Acai Detox, 90

Acai Detox contains a unique combination of detoxifying extracts of Acai berry, milk thistle and cordyceps.


The Acai berry (Euterpe oleracea) , known as the berry of the Brazilian palm, grows in the wet lowlands of the Amazon. The Acai fruit looks like a grape, however it is smaller and darker, has large seeds, small flesh, and tastes like a wild berry with a chocolate flavor. The Acai berry is called "the miracle of nature" or the "perfect fruit".

Açai XL, 300 g

Aсai fruits have some of the highest values ​​of the ORAC indicator, which expresses the ability to absorb free radicals. The contained antioxidants - vitamins A, C, E and B2 - protect the cells of the human body from oxidative damage, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Açai, 100

Guaranaplus Guarana & acai capsules contain a mix of two popular Brazilian plants. The powder made from them is filled into herbal capsules, thanks to which this food supplement is also suitable for vegans. Guarana and acai supply the body with many vitamins, minerals, but also substances that help protect cells from the effects of oxidative stress.

Acai, 100 g

Organic Acai powder from Energy is a food supplement made from acai fruits, which are similar in shape and color to blueberries. They are a great source of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, but also minerals in the form of magnesium or calcium.

Acerohip Trio vitamin C 500 mg, 60

The basis of the Acerohip Trio stream are 3 natural ingredients: acerola, rosehip and sea buckthorn fruits , which are rich in natural vitamin C , which in this form is very well absorbed and usable by the human body .

ACEROLA 100%, 500 g

Food supplements ACEROLA 100%

Acerola 250mg, 250

Acerola fruit, also known in Poland as the Barbados Cherry , is extremely rich in vitamin C, which makes it a real Olympian among other commonly known, natural and unnatural sources of it (up to 4000 mg per 100g fresh weight, on average about 1500 mg, i.e. approx. 30 times more than a lemon).