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Acai Complex Star, 60

Euterpe are tall, mostly strongly rooting palms with slender trunks, native to South America and the Antilles. Delicious drinks are prepared from the pulp of the fruits, and so-called palm cabbage from the vegetation peaks. One of the best known and most used is Euterpe oleracea - Açaí palm. It grows to a height of 25 m and bears about 20 kg of fruits that look like blueberries.

Ayur Abhayarishta, 220 ml

Flush elixir No. 11 Ayur Siddhalepa is based on an old Indian recipe that has been preserved and observed for more than 5,000 years. Each of the individual herbal ingredients has its essential role and is carefully selected to support each other.

Betavital beetroot extract, 200 ml

BETAVITAL with beetroot extract contains a large amount of beneficial substances and antioxidants . The largest share of the cytostatic effect of beet juice has a large amount of betaine and plant pigments - betacyans. They have a stimulating effect that increases the body's resistance. In addition to beet extracts, Betavital is enriched with other beneficial substances.

Boltcovitka Ear of Judas, 250 g

The effective product MRL Auricularia - Ear of Judas contains a balanced ratio of polysaccharides .

Cleanser Star, 60

Plantago ovata - Psyllium Husk - promotes healthy digestion and intestinal function. It facilitates intestinal transit and helps maintain a healthy gut. It is suitable for problems with venous plexus in the rectum (hemorrhoids) when it properly prevents occasional constipation.

Diohes Plus, 60

Diohes plus is a dietary supplement that contains 450 mg of Diosmin, 50 mg of Hesperidin, 30 mg of Aescin and 50 μg of Selenium in one tablet. It is suitable for diabetics and celiacs.

Drying of rose terraces, 100

Dietary supplement. The herbs in the mixture are among the coldest ever, so they are used everywhere where, according to TCM, there is an excess of heat and moisture and hot toxins, especially in the middle hearth, ie in the path of the stomach and intestines. This situation most often occurs due to unhealthy eating and lifestyle, both food (fried, grilled, fatty, sweet, spicy) and drinking (alcohol, milk, sweet lemonade).

Fiber Star, 60

The FIBER STAR food supplement is rich in fiber with excellent binding properties. Product FIBER STAR is therefore suitable supplement in weight control .

Filling a dry riverbed with, 100

It is a very effective mixture for the treatment of chronic constipation with dry stools. These difficulties belong to the diseases of civilization and are mainly caused by improper food composition, insufficient fluid intake, stress and lack of exercise.

Hemodin, 60

The Hemodin food supplement contains horse chestnut extract (Aesculus hippocastanum), which is traditionally used for its effect on good blood circulation.


HEMOREND is a natural and effective preparation supporting the treatment of hemorrhoids, with a deep and unique mechanism of action.

Hemoxin, 60

Hemoxin is a dietary supplement that contains a unique complex of 5 natural active ingredients with a high content of hesperidin and diosmin . It contributes to the normal functioning of the venous and vascular system.