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Cysto Transit, 100 ml

Cysto Transit contains an aqueous extract of a mixture of herbs to support the excretory system. Goldenrod has a beneficial effect on the activity of the kidneys, bladder and prostate, supports the health of the respiratory system.

FEMiWELL Cardio Active + CoenzymeQ10, 30

Under the effect of age, combined with other factors such as overweight, hypertension or diabetes, the walls of the arteries thicken, harden and lose their elasticity. This natural aging of the vessels tires the heart and impairs good blood circulation

FEMiWELL Express Relax Stress Control, 40

In life, we are all confronted with stressful situations: job interview, important meeting, back to school ... These punctual events, sources of stress, can disturb our balance.

FEMiWELL Golgen MUMIYO Age control, 20

The Mumiyo supplement helps to neutralize environmental toxins and boost immunity. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for its antioxidant, energizing and rejuvenating effects. The mumiyo also participates in the proper functioning of cognitive functions and participates in the maintenance of good health of bones and joints.

FEMiWELL Lipotropic Fat control, 60

The Lipotropic supplement contributes to a normal lipid metabolism and allows a better elimination of fats and cholesterol.

FEMiWELL Natural Lax Detox Control, 40

Women are three times more prone to constipation than men, the action of hormones partly explains this. Indeed, some of the female hormones act on the intestines by making them "lazy ", which can cause constipation.

Glicin Forte 30TAB 250MG

reduces psycho-emotional stress,, aggressiveness, improves social adaptation and mood, normalizes sleep, makes it easier to fall asleep, increases mental performance,

Glicin Forte 60ТАБ 300МГ

Helps to improve mental performance and normalize sleep

Omega 3-6-9, 45

OMEGA 3,6,9 of the FEMiWELL range is an optimal association of ingredients sources of fatty acids which bring a good balance between omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9.

Sealeks forte 400 mg 12 pcs.

The mature men for increasing the adaptation of the organisation to the loads, in this sexual number. Для восполнения дефицита в пищевом рационе мужчины панаксозидов, танинов, флаво- ноидов, сапонинов и полифенольных соединений, способствующих укреплению мужской силы.

Vitamin D3 12.5 ug , 60

Vitamin D3 has many beneficial effects