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Extra Strong Multivitamin 50+, 120

Complex and 100% balanced composition of vitamins, minerals and other active substances specially adapted for people older than fifty years.

Extra Strong Multivitamin 50+, 120

GS Extra Strong Multivitamin 50+ is a complex of vitamins and minerals for people over the age of fifty.

Extra Strong Multivitamin, 120

The product contains an enhanced composition of vitamins, minerals and other active substances for sufficient energy, freshness and normal functioning of immunity .

Hlíva Plus with sea buckthorn and echynace, 90

GS Oyster Plus 1800 to support health and immunity.

Intensun, 90

GS Intensun is designed for everyone who wants a beautiful brown tan that will last a long time .

Mamavit Prefolin + DHA + EPA, 60

GS Mamavit prefolin food supplement contains an optimal combination of vitamins and minerals, DHA, EPA suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and planning a pregnancy. A complete and balanced combination of vitamins, minerals with a high content of folic acid, magnesium and essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Megalecithin 1325, 130

GS Megalecithin 1325 mg is a strong lecithin made from non-genetically modified soy (GMO-free) . Lecithin is the body's own substance and is an important part of every cell in the human body . The product is in the form of soft gelatin capsules, which ensure high absorption

Oyster Orient with ginger, 60

For long-term support of immunity, respiratory tract, digestion and vitality. GS Oyster mushroom contains 500 mg of high quality mushroom extract in one tablet. In addition, enriched with the multiple effects of ginger and a unique Orient complex of rare oriental herbs, vitamin C and zinc, to support the immune system.