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100% BIO ginger – pineapple syrup with corn, 1000 ml

Refreshing, delicious syrup with a pleasant sharpness of ginger, additionally enriched with organic turmeric extract. All ingredients are from organic farming.

17.5 ° Organic Swedish Elixir, 200ml

The Organic Swedish Elixir from the Dr Theiss group is a maceration of ORGANIC plants in alcohol. From "Maria's herb garden", the Elixir of the Swedish Dr. Theis was developed in full respect of the original recipe of Maria Treben and the writings dating from the 17th century.

3 herbs for dehydration, 60

KNEIPP 3 herbs for dehydration is a dietary supplement which contains extracts of three herbs - parsley, nettle and juniper.

Abbey All Day Energy Tablets, 20

Food supplements for performance throughout the day.

AC-Vital B12 direct sticks with protein components, 20

Food Supplement that contributes to the normal function of energy metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

AC-Vital B12, 60

Dietary supplement with vitamin B12, L-glutamine and L-serine. Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal functioning of the energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.

ACEROLA 100%, 500 g

Food supplements ACEROLA 100%

Acerola-C tablets lozenges, 100

Dietary Supplement with natural Vitamin C.

Activated carbon, 30

With Allnature Activated Carbon , you don't have to worry about intestinal nausea at important times. Plant form. Also suitable for vegans.

Additiva Hot Ginger + Orange Powder, 120

Dietary supplement with vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3.