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API Ginger Bio, 30ml

A few sprays of Api Spray Ginger helps take care of the digestive system .

API Lemon BIO Natural defenses, 30ml

Are you looking for a natural way to protect yourself from winter viruses ? Api lemon spray is an oral solution in the form of a spray which can be taken everywhere with you for use at any time of the day.

API Mint Bio Refreshing, 30ml

Api Spray Mint Refreshing Propolis is a 100% natural oral spray based on bee products and peppermint essential oil . It has an immediate refreshing effect that will calm your sore throat.

Arodubin broad spectrum, 30 ml

Herbal tincture with oak bark extract and a mixture of ten herbs.


The spray formula allows the absorption of nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. The fine spray droplets are instantly absorbed in the mouth, ensuring rapid absorption of nutrients. The Boost B12 Pure Energy formula by BetterYou ensures high bioavailability and convenience of use.

Dragon blood oral spray, 20 ml

Sangre de Drago (Dragon's Blood) is a pure liquid latex from the Peruvian tree Croton lechleri, which the natives of Peru cannot allow.

Flash Sleep Sublingual, 20ml

Designed for adults who want to fall asleep quickly, or who are subject to night awakenings . This food supplement is a sublingual spray complex , unique by rapid absorption by the body (5 minutes) , requiring no water and promoting sleep.

Grepofit, 14 ml

Grepofit spray is a bioinformation product containing grapefruit seed extract, garlic and propolis.

Iron 10 mg, 25 ml

Iron spray 10mg provides a dose of 10mg of iron in 4 sprays. The spray is scientifically shaped to deliver iron directly to the bloodstream and bypass primary processing in the gut. Tiny droplets are quickly absorbed into the buccal membrane of the inner part of the mouth and ensure fast and efficient absorption of nutrients.

Melatonight falling asleep, 20ml

A spray that helps fall asleep and reduce the effects of jet lag . Contains 1mg of melatonin , extracts of lemon balm and orange blossom and vitamins B1 and B6.

Melatonin 1mg, 58ml

Spray for easier falling asleep. Oral use, fast effect, natural mint flavor.

Nasodren 50 mg + solvents, 5 ml

Nasodren nasal spray is a natural, aqueous solution containing cyclamen extract, which causes mechanical cleansing of accumulated mucosal secretions and helps to eliminate it.