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AIP COMPLEX Respiratory Comfort, 20ml

AIP COMPLEX Respiratory comfort Bionops

Analerg, 50 ml

Joalis Anaerg drops containing herbal extracts induce a normal state of the immune system .

Annona Forte, 30 ml

This plant is also known as graviola. Its home is the areas of the Peruvian Amazon, especially the tropical areas of Peru. The evergreen tree of lower stature is characterized by elongated leaves and tasty fruits, known as guanabana. The use of annona in traditional medicine can be traced back to the pre-Columbian era. All parts of the tree are used, including bark, leaves, roots, fruits and even seeds. Independent research has been carried out around the world since the 1970s, thanks to which the plant is very well mapped, and we know all the components and processes from the analytical and biochemical point of view, which help us to understand and put into context its inescapable effects.

Annona Forte, 60 ml

Annona muricata is a traditional plant of the indigenous people of the Amazon regions of South America with a wide range of effects.

Artichoke Digestion organic plant extract, 60 ml

Weleda Artichoke organic plant extract to take care of your liver.

Astmex asthma and breathing difficulties, 50 ml

The Astex dietary supplement (Astmex) containing drops with plant extracts contributes to the normal function of the respiratory tract and immune system .

Audiron, 25ml

The product contains an extract from seven plants, vitamin E, a complex of bioinformation and essential oils.

Avis Oat sprouts, 50 ml

Avis is an extract obtained from oat sprouts.

Avitale Vitamin B12 200 µg, 30 ml

Methylcobalamin - biologically active, the best form of vitamin B12.

B-complex, 30 ml

In order for your children's body to tread like a watch , add B vitamins to their bodies in the form of drops, intended for children from the age of 3.

Baby Eye, 50ml

Eye drops for children are intended for washing and rinsing the eyes of newborns and children.

Baby-D3 Vitamín D3 400 IU, 11.7ml

Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and bone development in children . Simple dosing is a welcome alternative to pills.