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3 in 1 sensor +, 60

Do you tend to eat a lot of high- fat foods like gravy or fried foods? Does it make you gain weight?

5 Mushrooms Strengthened immunity, 30

Persistent fatigue, repeated infections (colds, mouth ulcers, herpes, urinary tract infections ...), difficult healing? Your immune system may be weakened …

5-MTHF 1MG, 120

Biologically active form of folic acid necessary to maintain good health, especially pregnant and lactating women. Hypoallergenic product. It does not contain gluten and casein. Vegetable capsules. Ultra Tested®. Folic acid is an essential vitamin for health belonging to the B group vitamins, commonly recommended by prenatal doctors.

7, 30

Solgar 7 - is a new generation preparation. Effectively supporting mobility, flexibility and range of motion in sore joints.


HOLLAND & BARRETT ABC Plus Senior is a specially developed multivitamin and mineral supplement for people over 50 with the addition of lycopene and lutein. Suitable for vegetarians.

Absolute Power, 60

Absolute Power contains a combination of essential vitamins and minerals suitable for strengthening physical and mental condition .


There is a close relationship between the proper functioning of the digestive system and our health. The "friendly" intestinal flora plays a significant role in it. Unhealthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol, polluted environment, some medications (e.g. antibiotics) can destroy the intestinal flora, which in turn may lead to the multiplication of bacteria that are unfavorable to the body.

Acai Complex Star, 60

Euterpe are tall, mostly strongly rooting palms with slender trunks, native to South America and the Antilles. Delicious drinks are prepared from the pulp of the fruits, and so-called palm cabbage from the vegetation peaks. One of the best known and most used is Euterpe oleracea - Açaí palm. It grows to a height of 25 m and bears about 20 kg of fruits that look like blueberries.

Acai Detox, 90

Acai Detox contains a unique combination of detoxifying extracts of Acai berry, milk thistle and cordyceps.

Açai, 100

Guaranaplus Guarana & acai capsules contain a mix of two popular Brazilian plants. The powder made from them is filled into herbal capsules, thanks to which this food supplement is also suitable for vegans. Guarana and acai supply the body with many vitamins, minerals, but also substances that help protect cells from the effects of oxidative stress.

Acerohip Trio vitamin C 500 mg, 60

The basis of the Acerohip Trio stream are 3 natural ingredients: acerola, rosehip and sea buckthorn fruits , which are rich in natural vitamin C , which in this form is very well absorbed and usable by the human body .